Krista Riukula

Welcome to my site! I am Krista Riukula, a Researcher at ETLA Economic Research and a Research Fellow at IZA. I received my Dr. Sc. in Economics from Aalto University School of Business in 2018.

Research interests:  Applied microeconomics, labour economics, human capital development, health economics, urban economics

Email: krista.riukula(at)


Peer-reviewed publications: 

'The Impact of an Early Career Shock on Intergenerational Mobility". (with M. Kaila and E. Nix).  Journal of Labor Economics.

'Preference for boys: Still a trend? Evidence from individual-level data from Finland, 1960- 2015' Review of Economics of the Household 

"Parental job loss and children’s career choices" (with K. Huttunen). Labour Economics (2024).

'The Costs of Job Loss and Task Usage: Do Social Tasks Soften the Drop?" (with A. Kauhanen). Empirical Economics (2024). 

"The Incidence and Effects of Decentralized Wage Bargaining in Finland". (with A. Kauhanen and T. Maczulskij). Journal of Labor Research (2024).

'The Effects of Screening for Gestational Diabetes" Empirical Economics  65, 1931–1964 (2023). 

 "Gender differences in multiple choice questions and the risk of losing points" Journal of the Finnish Economic Association 1, 35-45 (2023)

Working papers:

'Childhood Shocks and Fertility: Evidence from Parental Job Loss'

'The Effect of Regional Supply of Education on Schooling Choices and Educational Attainment' (joint with Hanna Virtanen)

'Dark Half: Decentralized Bargaining and Well-being at Work'  (joint with Terhi Maczulskij, Mika Haapanen and Antti Kauhanen) 

Work in progress:

'Stay Home and Stay Married? The Effect of Child Home Care Allowance on Marital Stability'

'Accessibility between workplaces and agglomeration benefits' (joint with T. Väänänen)

'Experimental evaluation of an outreach program for lifelong learning', AEA registry number: AEARCTR-0011550 (joint with A. Kauhanen, H. Karhunen, J-P. Ollikainen, T. Suhonen, and H. Virtanen)'

Selected publications and policy reports in Finnish:

'Kasautumisen vaikutus tuottavuuteen: Työpaikkojen välisen saavutettavuuden vaikutus toimipaikkoihin ja työntekijöihin' ( joint with T. Haapamäki, O. Harjunen, A. Kauhanen, V. Kuivalainen, N. Valmari and T. Väänänen)

'Selvitys tehokkaan tiheyden mittarista' (joint with Petri Blomqvist, Antti Kauhanen and Heikki Metsäranta) 

'Kasautumisvaikutusten arvioinnin menetelmät liikennejäjestelmän kehittämisen vaikutustarkastelussa' (joint with Taina Haapamäki, Antti Kauhanen, Seppo Laakso, Heikki Metsäranta, Marianna Ojanperä and Touko Väänänen) 

'Liikennehankkeiden työmarkkinavaikutusten arviointikehikko – ehdotus',  (joint with Antti Kauhanen and Heikki Metsäranta) 

'Liikennejärjestelmän työmarkkinavaikutukset ja niiden arviointi',  (joint with Heikki Metsäranta, Antti Kauhanen and Paolo Fornaro)